Just a mini photoshoot.

I just want you to meet my dog. His name is Kuku. He barks and freaks out when he hears something or someone in the house. He always wants to play with me. He’s always been such a good pup to me & I hope I’ve been a good friend to him. He’s always been there for me, to play with & to hug me and just sit with me when I’m not so happy. He is such a great dog. I love him to death.


I can’t sleep.

I’ve been laying in bed thinking for an hour now. Just staring at my ceiling, not moving, just thinking. I can’t sleep at all. There’s too much running through my mind. And I cant even handle the emotions I am feeling right now.

I wish I could sleep.

Pretty bored.

Currently Reading: The Wishing Trees.

Ugh, today is really boring. I have nothing planned for this Friday afternoom. So I spent my whole time on Tumblr, re-watching some movies and reading The Wishing Tree.  I tried sleeping but I end up staring at the ceiling and toss and turn for an hour. So very bored of life. I’ve been going through the same routine for ages.


Happy Girl I am.


I would rather put a smile on someone elses face. Just bringing joy to other people makes me smile, so as long as you’re happy, then i’m happy. Overall, I’m happy with who I am. What I’ve become. What I do. Where I am. Who I’m around. I’m happy because I’m choosing to be.

To my Parents, Happy 25th!

Today marks the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents. 25 years of being a husband and wife, 25 years of ups and downs, and 25 years of being together. I’m so proud to say that my parents are still together.

I wouldn’t trade you guys for anyone. You both are the reason why I carry strong values, respect others, and have the ability to distinguish what is right and wrong. You both helped me through all the difficult obstacles I undergo. You have raised me up with a strong moral compass and a faith that I cling to.

Thank you for your wonderful parenting, listening to me in what I have to say, accepting my choices and my interests, allowing me to make my own decisions and my own mistakes, constantly having faith in me, and ultimately providing me with everything that many parents can’t provide their child. You guys truly gave me your all. I am truly blessed for having you as my parents. If it weren’t for you both,  I wouldn’t be alive & I wouldn’t be who I am today.

No relationship is ever perfect, though. They’ve had their fair share of hardships, a few of which I can attest to, and made some major sacrifices to overcome them. Not once did they ever think of giving up and leaving. And I’m happy and proud you both stayed through thick and thin.

I both love you dearly with all my heart. Happy Anniversary you two. I love you Mom & Dad.

Just another day of missing you.

Missing Someone is super hard but you just gotta think to yourself, that it won’t be that long till you see them again.

Telling you that I miss you is not something new because you already know I miss you all the time. I really miss you. I know we talk everyday but it’s just not the same. I miss seeing you everyday. I miss you very much and would love to have you in my arms, in my warm embrace. I need you here beside me. You are always in my mind, by the time I wake up till I close my eyes. I just want to see your face. I miss your arms, your smile and your laugh, your touch and your kiss. I miss talking to you personally. I miss your hugs. I miss holding your hand. I miss your kisses. I miss laying my head on your shoulder. I miss staring into your eyes. I miss your scent. I miss the amazing feeling when you’re right next to me, when it’s only us in our own little world. I miss you so much. I miss you. Oh, I just miss everything! I long for you every day and every night. Every day, every week, it doesn’t get any easier not having you here with me, baby. But I’ll hold on to the promise of soon. I’ll see you soon, but for now all we can do is dream.

I feel like when I don’t spend time with you my day isn’t complete. And today, my day wasn’t complete. I wish we could live together already babe. It would be amazing to wake up to you by my side. Maybe even get a real good morning kiss.

I love you babe. So much! No words can explain the amount of love my heart holds for you. I know one day we’ll be together as one. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are everything I want in a man. Every time I am with you I can’t help but to smile. I want us to be one of those old cute couples that have been together for thousands of years. Remember our promise? To grow old together? I’ll never break that promise baby. I love you with all my heart baby! I LOVE YOU, babe. Forever and always be. This affection i feel for you will never change. As long as i’m here, you will never feel like you are left alone. ♥

Moments of Perfection.

Good Morning everyone. God has blessed us all with another day. Don’t forget to thank God for waking you up to see another day. Forget about all the drama and stress from yesterday and start brand new. Enjoy your day and make it  a positive one.

It’s raining at the moment, the sound of it is very soothing. I love the sound of rain when it’s raining hard and it hits your windows and roof and it just gives me a tingly feeling. Rain makes me so tired, and gloomy. I don’t feel like doing anything today. The perfect day to cuddle up, drink hot chocolate and stay comfy. Cuddled up in your bed, just listening to the rain tap your window. It’s so relaxing and also so soothing. Feeling that chilly air but still being warm all wrapped up in your blanket. 

Today’s beautiful, isn’t it? How is everyone this fine morning? I hope you all have a wonderful day. Have a great and productive day everyone.

What every girl needs, A slumber buddy.


Part of the collection. Some of my babies. No matter how old I’ll get. I’ll never get tired of them. There’s too much of a sentimental value  to each of my stuffed toys. I love all of them. <3

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